Society For Rural Improvement
Mobile Grocery Store
  Poor rural women bear the brunt of bringing up, maintaining and sustaining the family. While earning the daily family bread is a formidable task, equally challenging and thankless task is to buy the daily essential groceries to prepare their daily meal by balancing their meager budget.
One should have the heart, not mere eyes, to comprehend the dilemma these poor women face, every day to buy their essential needs. After working from dawn to dusk in the open field under the scorching Sun, or getting suffocated in the country brick furnaces for a meager income, she has to rush to the neighborhood store, mostly an exploiting store, get her groceries, rush to her home, fetch the water from long distance, get the firewood, bath the babies, clean the house and then cook the meal, while the men folk will be enjoying their lives at the country liquor shop! She has no time to worry about the quality of the groceries she purchases or the exorbitant price she pays. The vicious cycle goes on unnoticed and unconcerned.
In such a scenario, SRI is embarking on an innovative micro-entrepreneurship venture to supply quality groceries to these poor rural women for affordable price at their door step. A Custom-made Mobile Pick-up Truck will supply daily necessary groceries to these poor rural women. Rural women will be trained to operate the vehicle and supply the daily essential needs.
WEDD(Women's Empowerment through Dairy Development)
  As substantial rural women are rearing milching animals, SRI is embarking on a Dairy Project to protect the interest of the beneficiaries. Presently they are exploited by the middlemen. In the beginning, rural milk collection and supply Centers, operated by trained women shall be established, with the provision of converting excess milk into value added products. Eventually, a full fledged Pasteurizations Plant, owned and operated by women, delivering packaged milk is contemplated. The objectives are to deliver quality product at affordable price with best customer service. The initial process of Primary Data Collection is in progress. 
Rural Childern kinder Garden
  Many poor rural children are left at home without proper education as their parents try to make a living elsewhere. To protect the interest of the children, SRI is planning to organize a Rural Kinder Garden School for the poor rural children, with provision for up-gradations. The salient features of this school shall be value based education, inculcating the tenets of hygiene, health,environmental awareness, and good citizenry.   

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