Society For Rural Improvement
 C.W.F. (Cattle Welfare Fund)
As substantial number of beneficiaries are engaged in rearing milching Cattle, protection of the cattle become a significant issue. The procedure in the traditional Insurance Company is so cumbersome, bureaucratic and indifferent, resulting abnormal delays in entertaining and settling claims. Besides, insurance do not provide any assistance for Veterinary needs, Cattle Feed, hygienic shelters and related areas. Under such rigid conditions, it become extremely important to protect the interest of the beneficiaries, their cattle, as well as the organization. Therefore, SRI has conceived and implemented an innovative Cattle Welfare Fund for an affordable contribution. The salient features are
24/7 service with Veterinary Care
Prompt disposal of cases
Allied and varied services
Timely compensation and assistance
Customer friendly and result orient approach
D. D. FUND (Death and Disability Fund)
DD fund is conceived and implemented to protect the interest of the Beneficiary, their family as well as Organization in case of death, or  serious disability to the Beneficiary. Death being an unavoidable and inevitable part of life, it is Important to protect the interest of the beneficiary, her colleagues in the Groups and Center, family as well as the organization when death occurs. The noble vision of this innovative concept is to rest the departed soul in peace for ever without any loan liabilities. The beneficiary contributes a meager Rs.1/- per week towards DD Fund. If a beneficiary dies or seriously disables due to natural or un-natural circumstance, her loan liabilities are adjusted from the DD Fund and her savings balance is returned to her nominee, upon production of death certificate. Rehabilitation assistance is also provided to the needy and deserving members of family. Besides death and serious disability, assistance is also provided during accidental and unexpexted calamities, disasters, disease etc.
Timely assistance
Simple procedure
Sympathetic and human approach
Allied and varied services
Result orient Customer service
New Work Force
SRI is also adding a new dimension by breeding a new generation of young work force blending the positive elements of the West and the East, such as professionalism, work ethics, customer service, result orient approach, accountability, transparency etc. with respect, dignity and humility to humanity. They strive hard in creating a congenial , conducive and harmonious environment where the poorest rural women can invest the loans for a meaningful income generating activity, and repay. Unfortunately in most of our societies, such atmosphere does not exist. In essence , such an innovative work force are trained how to balance our "financial responsibility with a social consciousness".

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